BADMINTON   When children experience this sport they get practice in discipline, agility and skill. A fun sport that keeps your child(ren) moving throughout play. Equipment will be provided at the camp.
  BASEBALL   Children will not need any of their own equipment when learning and playing this sport. Bats and soft baseballs will be provided from the camp for the activity. Short instructions of how to play the sport will take place by the coach. Then the children will learn by actually playing a live game.
  BASKETBALL   This sport could take place in an indoor court or on an outdoor court. A short practice will be taught by a coach but your child will learn the flow of the sport by actually playing a game. 
  CRICKET   Children will be introduced to the key techniques of bowling, fielding, batting, and the rules of the game. Coaches will run a game of cricket with your child in an engaging and competitive manner. 
  DANCE   An instructional presentation will be taught to learn about moves and rhythyms by a coach. Then the children will dance to music. Getting exercise in a fun and creative way.
  FLAG FOOTBALL   Coaches separate children into two teams and teach them simple instructions such as how to throw and how to remove flags off players properly. The children will then play in a live game of flag football. There will be three different size footballs, so that all children can participate and experience the game correctly. 
  FOOT GOLF   A fun twist on the game of golf that the only euipment needed is your foot and a soccer ball. This game will keep your child(ren) active while working on their passing technique as well as their perception. 
  GOLF   Another Summer only sport, your child(ren) will be taught by specialized coaches on proper golfing techniques. Children may hit balls at the driving range or enjoy a nice 9 hole game. 
  HOCKEY   This sport offers the opportunity to introduce your child(ren) to this fun and different kind of sport. Your child(ren) will be provided the necessary equipment. Specialized coaches will teach the keys of the game through playing the sport. 
  LACROSSE   This up and coming sport is popular amongst all ages. Your child(ren) will receive familiarity with catching, cradling, shooting, checking, and dodging skills all while playing the game. 
  MARTIAL ARTS   This sport will provide your child(ren) with all types of different practices. As your child(ren) participates they will experience ways to use self-defense, physical fitness, entertainment, and competition. 
  ROUNDERS   A bat and ball game similar to baseball. Specialized coaches will provide a short introduction to the sport and then set up children into two teams and teach them how to play while actually playing the game. 
  RUGBY   A commonly known sport to be very physical will be taught to the children in a safe and fun environment. Specialized coaches will teach the children proper techniques needed to play the game. 
  SOCCER   This popular sport will be taught in multiple of ways. Fun yet competitive small games will be played plus a full match as well. Children are asked to bring cleats and shin guards if they wish but are not mandatory. 
  SWIMMING   The activity is only offered in our summer Launch camps. This activity is designed to inspire children to learn simple swimming techniques and of course to cool off from the hot summer heat. 
  TABLE TENNIS   Also known as ping pong, is a fun way to have children compete. This sport will be played either indoors or outdoors. All equipment will be provided by the camp. 
  TENNIS   This sport is designed to give children the opportunity to get a feel for developing ball skills and swing techniques. Instructions will be provided and then children will play short tennis matches.
  TRACK AND FIELD   A fun way to get your child(ren) active. Specialized coaches will teach different track and field events. The children get to experience a little bit of what a real track meet is like. 
  ULTIMATE FRISBEE   Ultimate is all about fun and inclusion. Your child will enjoy running around catching and throwing our fun colored discs. This sport will teach your child(ren) about teamwork, because to score points it takes efforts from the entire team.
  YOGA   This relaxing yet challenging sport will encourage your child to get out of their comfort zone and find their inner strengths. Your child will strengthen their flexibity skills and find new ways to relax themselves.