Launch Sports is a Multi-Sports Service Provider, offering professional coaching to children in a wide range of formats, to increase their physical and mental development.

The Launch Juniors Program is our earliest program, whereas players will learn to interact with other children in fun-filled activites, starting with parent participation classes, progressing to independent play and structured game forms led by professionals in Early Child Development.

We host a range of Launch Camps and Programs throughout the year for individual players to sign up to. These include sport speciality camps and multi-sport options. Perfect for the beginner and progressing to the advanced player determined to refine their skills in their chosen sport.

We also join forces and offer programs to Schools and other Sports Organizations such as AYSO and YMCA, to help build their program and add a level of professional coaching that is unrivalled in the industry.

Live, Learn, Play

Live, Learn, Play


18-24 months
(parent participation)


2-3 Years Old
(parent participation)


3-4 Years Old


5-6 Years Old

Launch Syllabus

The Launch Syllabus program is a partnership between Launch Sports, schools and or sports organizations, offering children the opportunity to learn new sports, unlocking their potential in a safe...

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The Launch Coach is educated, personal and professional, with a wide range of experiences that can be shared with others to create the optimal learning environment.

From adminstrators, to field coaches, from marketing to promotions, we are always on the lookout for new and upcoming talent to join our great team.

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Launch Sports LLC. is becoming a leader in sports programs within Southern California and Oregon. As demand for our sports programs and camps continues to grow, Launch Sports will be looking for...